MANA moda d.o.o..d.
Zavrtnica 17
10 000 Zagreb

Tel.: +385 1 6184 482
Fax: +385 1 6184 447
E-mail: [email protected]

About us

Company name:MANA moda d.o.o.
Head office:Zavrtnica 17, 10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Tel.:+385 1 6184 482
Fax:+385 1 6184 447
E-mail:[email protected]
Business:Other retail sale in non-specialized stores
VAT ID:01629557
Bank account:HR7323600001101587704


The company MANA moda d.o.o., has been managing the brand Mana since 2004. We carry out all activities in the areas of purchasing, sales, marketing, and logistics. We are also operating successfully on the Slovenian and Serbian market with our strategic business partners.

In Croatia, we wish to remain the largest retailer with low price clothing items for the entire family, characterized by high quality and fashionable appearance. In Croatia, we wish to become a significant provider of low price clothing. We also wish to enter other European markets with sufficient market potential.

We wish to offer our buyers the easiest way to fashionable and high quality clothes for the entire family at best prices.


Our priority objectives which enable the fulfillment of our vision are:

  • the growth of net revenue generated with commercial
  • activities,
  • covering the entire area of Slovenia with our retail network,
  • the expansion of sales to foreign markets by means of strategic partners, with the emphasis on the Croatian market,
  • increasing our market share, our reputation, and recognisability among our customers,
  • providing long-term and affordable sourcing and creating an
  • affordable and high-quality sales program,
  • the increasing of the recognisability of the Mana brand,
  • the modernization and standardization of the sales equipment with the goal of unifying the sales network and creating a friendly shopping environment.


  • Fulfilling our customers’ expectations Our customers always come first. We fulfill our basic mission with the help of friendly sales personnel and by providing a modern and comfortable shopping environment.
  • Good mutual relationships We are aware that mutual cooperation is necessary for the successful operation of a company. We build good relationships in our company and with all interest groups by means of respect and trust.
  • Enterprising spirit, innovation, and effectiveness We always seek to find new solutions and are happy to overcome daily challenges. We always wish to be better and to follow trends. For this reason, each employee makes an effort to perform their job well.
  • Professionalism and knowledge We are aware that professionalism and knowledge are of key importance in achieving success. We encourage and seek various forms of education, from knowledge transfer within the company to the inclusion of external partners.

We plan a growth in sales, the opening of new stores, and we also want to look for new and innovative approaches to increase business efficiency and performance.


  • 189 stores
  • 48,274,702 Euros in sales
  • over 4,600,000 clothing items
  • 50,224 m² of sales surfaces
  • 705 employees
  • 491.527 active Mana Club members

With our wide retail network, we wish to offer our customers the easiest way to fashionable and high quality clothes for the entire family at best prices. A modern shopping environment,a large selection of clothes, and helpful shop assistants in Mana stores ensure a pleasant shopping experience.The Mana brand is available for our customers in 189 retail sale outlets, which are comprised of all together 50,000 m2 of sales surface.

Mana has been surprising its customers with its rich offer of fashionably, high-quality, and affordable clothing for the entire family since 2004.Our offer now also includes baby clothes for the youngest family members. Natural materials and comfortable cuts are used in baby clothes.To fully enjoy your free time, we offer various types of sports apparel made from special technical materials, which are airy, remove humidity, and are windproof.Numerous housework clothing items and other diverse products are available for our customers’ homes.

The Mana Club brings together, rewards, and surprises faithful customers. In the field of customer relationship management, we are developing numerous activities and increasing the usefulness of the Mana Card. Customers may become members of the Mana Club, which brings numerous benefits. The Mana Club makes sure to offer its members various benefits, information, and counseling.The information system which supports the activities of the Mana Club enables the direct communication and an active relationship with Mana Club members. Various information concerning numerous new items and current offers is sent to Mana Club members on a monthly basis.

We use flyers to regularly keep our customers informed concerning the wide offer of the Mana brand. We offer low prices, attractive deals, and we continuously introduce new items to our sales program to invite you to shop in our stores.

Textile production and sales are globally oriented, which means that transportation routes are long. We managed to transport 13,000 m3 of goods on over 300 ship containers,which is 8 million pieces of mainly textile goods. By combining all logistical processes, we achieved a better functioning of logistics and a more thorough overview of the logistical movement of goods. The logistical process begins by creating the size of individual transportation packages with the objective of using the space of the transportation means and packing suitable quantities for individual stores.The implementation of the modern handling of goods, which is carried out on 5,400 m2 of storage surface, enables us to deliver products to all sales outlets in a timely manner.The modern and carefully planned logistical process enables us to send out over 235 tons of goods every month.

Waste management control was centralized in our logistics department. Because we are an environmentally-friendly company, we carry out waste management control in accordance with valid legislation in our central warehouse aswell as in our stores where we organized waste separation. Our company therefore separates:

  • paper, as well as paper and cardboard packaging,
  • plastic bands,
  • foil,
  • empty cartridges – toners.

By separating our waste, we are rationally reducing municipal waste and contributing to the ecological awareness of individuals and society.In the field of energy, we are taking measures to improve energy efficiency. This way, we managed to reduce the consumption of energy needed for the lighting and cooling of sales surfaces. We check the supply power of electricity in all power consumption locations. We installed trial LED lighting. This lighting will reduce the release of heat into the environment, and additionally save electrical power. The new LED technology will also be used in exterior lighting elements, which will be an additional influence on the reduction of ecological damage.

As a way of saving in stores, we offer our customers shopping bags which include recycled foil. Hangers are a necessity in every store in order to present the clothes. We collect damaged hangers and send them to the manufacturer who once again uses them in production.

We pay much attention to the care for our employees. Creating conditions for a pleasant, orderly, and well organized work environment which enables the employees to feel well and increases their motivation is among our main priorities.

Therefore, we offer our employees a number of other benefits:

  • Health and safety at work. We follow all statutory obligations in the field of health and safety at work. Accordingly, we regularly carry out employee training in the field of health and safety at work, as well as fire safety. Each work unit has a sufficient number of employees who are trained to offer first aid.
  • Informal socializing. We try to connect our employees with the company as much as possible, even by means of informal socializing. For this purpose, we organize various social gatherings, picnics, day trips, and business conferences, where we get to know each other better by socializing, exchange experiences, opinions, and we create a nice atmosphere.
  • Communication with employees. Our employees can operate successfully and can be happy with their work if they are informed by the company in an appropriate and timely manner. We place the greatest emphasis on personal communication; however, we also inform our employees by means of our webpage, email, and notice boards. This way, our employees are regularly informed concerning the happenings in the company, the teams, new developments, and information is being exchanged.
  • Education. Our employees are professionally equipped by means of constant training. Most frequent are in-company trainings and classes which are carried out quarterly. There, the participants are familiarized with the new developments in the field of sales. We also prepared practical workshops in fields which are suggested by employees working in retail. We work together with secondary schools and thus enable students to perform their mandatory internship. We also work together with the Unemployment Office in connection with trial work periods and employing hard-to-place workers. We made a significant step in the field of personnel development by implementing annual interviews.